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5 Easy Ways to Brighten Your Home

Five easy, quick ways to brighten up your home once the tree lights come down.

It’s always great fun at Christmas to put up your tree, hang the decorations and switch on the fairy lights and create that fun magical atmosphere at home. It’s can also be tough when it’s time to clear them away again and it’s grey, wet and miserable outside. Here are our five fantastic quick ways to brighten up your home until spring comes.

cushion_pillows_2 1. Add soft layers and accessories to your room with pillows, cushions, throws and blankets to create that instantly cosy feeling.







living-room-with-candle2. Let there be light! Candles and reflective surfaces make any plain room look brighter and larger.  From glass sweet dishes to mirrors, crystal photo frame or glass candles are affordable, fun ways to  add atmosphere to your room.





3. Bring nature indoors with some fabulous houseplants to add colour and texture. With pots that include their own water reservoirs and space-age water retaining soil additives they can virtually take care of themselves.



1-34. Add some colour to a plain room with throws, rugs, wall art, candles or for the ambitious homeowner, add one or two of this season’s new colours in accent pieces in the room.







630-x-405-top-movers-online-Furniture-Moving-Guide 5. A moves as good as a change – no we don’t mean move house just move the furniture around  the room to create a new space. Start by taking the furniture out of the room then explore and  have fun with new layouts and spaces.


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