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smart thermostat installation

Is it Worth Installing a Smart Thermostat?

Smart thermostats are the latest technology to help improve the way we heat our homes. They allow you to use your smartphone, tablet or pc to control the temperature of your home remotely.  They bring a much greater level of convenience by allowing you to heat your home to your preferred temperature at any time […]

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Shop Around: It’s Worth it!

It’s surprising how few people shop around for a better deal on their gas and electricity. In fact, studies persistently show that most of us settle for standard tariffs and miss out on some pretty significant savings. At Livgas, we like to provide our customers with the best service. And we hope our customers will […]

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Livgas Draught Excluder Guide

Draught proofing can have many benefits and is ultimately the cheapest and most efficient way to save money and heating efficiency in your home. Excluding draughts allows you to stop the heat escaping from your home so you save money and stay warm. Where to Draught Proof? Windows   Ensure your windows are securely closed, […]

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Save up to 6% per year on heating bills with magnaclean powerflush

A major problem with ALL heating systems is, the minute they are filled up with water, corrosion starts.  If the Installer does his job correctly, and adds Chemical Inhibitor and flushes the system, then this helps….to a point!. Magnetic Filters have been developed to help remove corrosion whilst connected permanently to the system pipework.  Corrosion is […]

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