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Five signs you need to replace your boiler

If you have had the same boiler for many years or have perhaps recently moved into a property with a dated boiler and you are worried about its efficiency or even safety, here are some signs you need to look out for: –

  1. When you’ve called your gas engineer out more than once a year

Whilst boilers do require maintenance and servicing and occasional repairs, if you find yourself calling your gas engineer more than once a year then it might be time to replace your boiler. If you are also having to continually top up the pressure and reset your boiler this again is a sign your boiler isn’t running efficiently.

  1. When it takes ages to heat your home

An easy to notice sign is when your boiler takes a lengthy, and increasing, time to heat your home. Many modern boilers can produce heat on demand. This means that you may be paying more because your boiler is inefficient.

  1. Your fuel bills are increasing

If your fuel bills seem to continuously be rising but you are not feeling the effects of this supposed extra usage, it can often be down to the efficiency of the boiler.

  1. It’s leaking carbon Monoxide

Carbon monoxide is often referred to as a ‘silent killer’ as it is hard to detect. This leak from your boiler however, is potentially fatal and means that there is definitely something wrong and potentially dangerous with your boiler’s efficiency. Although a well fitted carbon monoxide alarm should alert you to this leak, other ways to detect carbon monoxide include the flame burning yellow and flu/food poisoning-like symptoms of residents.

  1. Your boiler is over 15 years old

Generally, boilers have an average lifespan of around 15 years. Often small problems will arise at first, but problems such as difficulty in sourcing parts and a higher cost for maintenance cover will be a hindrance due to age, and will often cost primarily on bills due to efficiency rating.


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