Livgas Draught Excluder Guide

Draught proofing can have many benefits and is ultimately the cheapest and most efficient way to save money and heating efficiency in your home. Excluding draughts allows you to stop the heat escaping from your home so you save money and stay warm.

Where to Draught Proof?


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Ensure your windows are securely closed, use draught proofing strips and ensure there are no cracks between the frame and the surrounding wall.



Floor Boards

Livgas 2Floor boards often contract and move through extensive use, you can choose flexible fillers to match the colour of your flooring.





Cracks in Wallscrack-in-interior-wall-300x243

You can use filler to fix holes in walls and wall joints and ceilings, an effective way to eliminate prominent gaps causing heat escape.





Ensure silicone, wall-filler or expanding foam is used around pipework, which comes in to your home through the exterior wall, or visa-versa.




Loft Hatches

Push-Up-Hatch-Closed As heat rises, loft hatches can be a primary cause of heat loss within a property. You can easily apply draught strips around the frame and ensure your not paying to heat the loft.




Interior Doors

Gaps at the bottom of doors can cause the heat to escape rather than providing you with a warm and cosy room. To keep the heat within the room, use simple but effective draught excluders.livgas 4





External Doors

Livgas 5You can fit flaps or bushes over letterboxes and gaps in exterior doors to keep the cold air firmly out.





Livgas 8Chimney draught excluders can be put in place within the chimney or fireplace and help to stop heat loss through the chimney.


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