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What you need to check when viewing a new house

When looking for your new home make sure you are not caught out after you’ve moved in. Your vendor should be able to provide a gas safety record, however, if they are unable to do this you should ensure a gas engineer checks the pipework and appliances before you purchase the property.

Here are some things to check when viewing properties:

Is the property safe?

  • Ensuring the property is safe is a primary concern and there are a number of checks you can do to try to best gauge the safety of the property.
  • Firstly, ask for gas and electrical safety certificated.
  • Ask to see the boiler and the meter, looking initially at the physical health of the boiler can give you an idea of how it has been maintained and an indication as to its age.
  • Does the property look to have a working CO2 alarm?

How much work needs to be done?

  • If the boiler does look to be pretty old, you may find that the efficiency of the boiler is poor and could end up costing you money in the long run.
  • Do you want to have to install a new system when you move into the property?
  • If you decide to keep some of their gas appliances, have they been recently checked?

How old is the heating home?

Often, with old homes their heating systems were installed using asbestos. Although many of these homes will have had a new heating system installed in the home, some homeowners, and dubious gas installers will opt to not remove the whole system. You should therefore check that all flue’s etc. have been removed from the property.

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