smart thermostat installation

Is it Worth Installing a Smart Thermostat?

Smart thermostats are the latest technology to help improve the way we heat our homes. They allow you to use your smartphone, tablet or pc to control the temperature of your home remotely.  They bring a much greater level of convenience by allowing you to heat your home to your preferred temperature at any time […]

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Landlords – Are Your Properties Gas Safe?

As a landlord in Scotland there are numerous regulations that you have to comply with – and one of them is keeping your property gas-safe.  There are many stories in the press about landlords not undertaking the required gas safety checks. If the property is let as HMO the rules are even more rigorous. A […]

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Shop Around: It’s Worth it!

It’s surprising how few people shop around for a better deal on their gas and electricity. In fact, studies persistently show that most of us settle for standard tariffs and miss out on some pretty significant savings. At Livgas, we like to provide our customers with the best service. And we hope our customers will […]

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Price comparisons: a cautionary tale

When you search on a price comparison website, the search results show you a wide selection of deals from different suppliers. Now, you’d hope that this would include the best deals, wouldn’t you? But it’s not always that simple… Some of those suppliers pay commission to price comparison sites who generate customers for them. That […]

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Realtor Showing Hispanic Couple Around New Home

What you need to check when viewing a new house

When looking for your new home make sure you are not caught out after you’ve moved in. Your vendor should be able to provide a gas safety record, however, if they are unable to do this you should ensure a gas engineer checks the pipework and appliances before you purchase the property. Here are some […]

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Is your boiler winter ready advert

Is your boiler winter ready?

  Whilst we try to save some pennies in the winter keeping the heating down or even off, the boiler is the last thing on your mind.   Do you know if your boiler is winter ready?   With harsh winters, there is a lot of pressure on your boiler. Often older boilers or poorly […]

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West Lothian things to do from your local boiler supplier

5 of our favourite things to do in West Lothian

Looking for things to do with the kids this summer? West Lothian is home to some fabulous days out, to keep the parents sound and keep the kids occupied. Here’s Livgas 5 favourite days out in West Lothian: Five Sisters Zoo The five sisters zoo is privately owned and opened in 2005 and is currently […]

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Five signs you need to replace your boiler

If you have had the same boiler for many years or have perhaps recently moved into a property with a dated boiler and you are worried about its efficiency or even safety, here are some signs you need to look out for: – When you’ve called your gas engineer out more than once a year […]

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Summertime Energy Saving Tips

Here are Livgas’ 5 top tips for saving energy during the lighter and warmer summer months. Switch the heating off It may sound like an obvious one but many people forget that their boiler is on a timer or that the thermostat is turned up high for their winter settings. Turn your heating off in […]

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