Shop Around: It’s Worth it!

It’s surprising how few people shop around for a better deal on their gas and electricity. In fact, studies persistently show that most of us settle for standard tariffs and miss out on some pretty significant savings.

At Livgas, we like to provide our customers with the best service. And we hope our customers will get equally good service from their energy provider. After all, we don’t want to supply you with a great, efficient boiler, only for you to pay over the odds for your gas!

So why do so many of us settle for second best when it comes to energy supply? In most cases, it’s just customer inertia. In other words, it seems like too much effort to change. So here are two tips to help you make the effort.

Remember: it’s worth it

It may seem like hard, tedious work. But think of it this way. Just a couple of hours’ shopping around, all told, could easily save £10 a month – that’s £120 a year. £120 for two hours is a pretty good hourly rate!

YOUR energy – YOUR choice

What makes a good deal? That’s up to you. We’ve talked so far about saving money, and in most cases we’d assume that a better deal is a cheaper one. But it might not be. For instance, you might be willing to pay a little more to a supplier whose values match your own. Even then, by shopping around, you might still be paying less than you are now. The best of both worlds! It’s worth a try, isn’t it?

There’s a bewildering range of choices available. So in our next post, we’ll give you some pointers that will make the job easier.


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