Summertime Energy Saving Tips

Here are Livgas’ 5 top tips for saving energy during the lighter and warmer summer months.

  1. Switch the heating off

It may sound like an obvious one but many people forget that their boiler is on a timer or that the thermostat is turned up high for their winter settings. Turn your heating off in the summer and only use it when it is really necessary.

  1. Tumble drier

Why use the tumble drier when it’s warm outside? Invest in a whirligig washing line and you will certainly save money from avoiding using the tumble drier. If you feel like the weather is not hot enough to dry certain items, ensure your tumble drier is not on for longer than necessary. An extra spin in the washing machine will often prevent this.

  1. Summer Cooking

You don’t need to spend the summer days sweating in the kitchen. As the weather changes you have more options available when it comes to cooking. Why not get the barbeque out and grill outside? Or look into some exciting and refreshing salads – perfect for the summer days.

  1. Lighting

One main benefit of the sun is the natural daylight. Open curtains, lift the blinds and let the sun light and the heat into your home and save the pennies on wasted energy. If you have lights on timers, make sure you adjust them for the new longer days.

  1. Unplug Devices

Many devices still use energy when they are plugged in, even when you may have turned them off or onto stand-by. Make sure you unplug it when they are not in use, especially when away on summer holidays.


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