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Technology for energy efficiency

Ensuring that your home is efficient doesn’t have to be a dull task. We have put together a helpful top 5 home efficiency apps, showing you just what your consumption looks like and saving you money in the process.

The ‘Fuel Good’ app, as part of the Energy saving trust, have said that you could save over £230 each year by driving more efficiently! This handy app lets you look up your car and log your journeys, working out exactly your fuel usage and providing you 10 top tips on saving money.

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Ever wondered what your actual carbon footprint is? Work out your consumption with this with the Lotus Greens Carbon Calculators, calculating your personal carbon contribution based on your home, work and general lifestyle, giving you tips for reduction going forwards.

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Calculate power used in your home with this ‘Power Cost Calculator’, allowing you to quickly calculate what the power in your household truly costs. From fancy room lighting to leaving the TV on standby, work out where your power consumption is coming from.

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The clever app ‘Meter Readings’ allows you to closely monitor your household energy and water usage, monitoring up to 9 meters, giving you the opportunity to compare bills and also industry prices.

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Finally…why not try the Green quiz app, we promise, its more fun than it sounds, or at the very least it may give you a shock of just how much, or little, you actually know about energy consumption and energy saving.

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