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Reasons to Upgrade Your Old Gas Boiler This Summer

Most people don’t worry too much about the condition of their boiler over the summer months and even less think about replacing it then. The weather is usually warmer, more time is spent outside and the central heating is mostly turned off or down. However upgrading an old gas boiler in the summer can be a great idea for the following reasons

1.     Finding a good, available heating engineer will be much easier

Most gas heating engineers will tell you that winter is their busiest time of year. This is when we rely on our central heating to heat our homes every day. This means that boilers are constantly heating water and pumping it around the system and is why breakdowns are more likely, particularly with older models. By planning a boiler replacement in summer you will be able to choose the heating engineer that you know and trust to do the work well.

2.    You can plan a date for the boiler upgrade

If you have a boiler breakdown in winter, fixing it or replacing it quickly becomes a priority. This may mean having to take time off work even if you are very busy or have no holidays left. By thinking ahead and replacing your boiler over the summer you can get the work carried out when it is most convenient for you.

3.    It will be a lot less chilly replacing a boiler in summer

Replacing a boiler can take a few days and during this time you may not have access to any heating or hot water. In winter, even a few days living in an unheated freezing cold home can be extremely unpleasant and relying on portable heaters can be expensive and dangerous if you have young children. By getting the work carried out in summer although you may still have the inconvenience of no hot water for a few days, the lack of central heating will not be quite as noticeable or unbearable.

4.   Avoid unexpected expense at Christmas

Boilers have to work a lot harder and longer in winter to keep our houses warm, which is why it when an old boiler is most likely to break down. The unexpected expense of a boiler repair or boiler replacement before Christmas is something most of us would rather avoid. Fitting a new boiler in summer means that even in the extremely unlikely event that it breaks down, it will still be under warranty.

5.    A boiler installed in summer will need serviced in summer

In most cases, to maintain the full warranty on a new boiler and keep it safe and efficient, manufacturers stipulate that an annual service is required. A boiler installed in summer will therefore require a service in summer. For the reason given above finding a good heating engineer that has availability in summer to service your boiler will be much easier than finding one in winter.

If you have an old boiler and are thinking about replacing it, we would love to hear from you. We are registered gas safe engineers with years of experience in installing gas boilers. We can offer good advice on the right boiler for your needs. Get in touch or give us a call on 01506 24 24 24


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