Weird energy saving top tip – cling film your windows

Bizarrely, this one actually works – although cling film is more normally used to wrap up your sandwiches, it can actually help keep your home warm. The idea is that putting a sheet on your window traps a small layer of air which can help stop heat escaping.

According to the Energy Saving downloadTrust, in principle you can use any material for the second layer of glazing, as long as it’s transparent and airtight.


However, there are a number of factors to take into account. While cling film works in theory (or as a short-term measure), in practice you’ll probably want to use specialist secondary glazing as it’ll last longer. If you have double-glazing, adding a third layer could still make you a little warmer, but the benefit will be much less than when dealing with a single glazed window.eaPacifica-Open-entry-gen1

If your windows are draughty, it’s worth fixing that as well as adding secondary glazing, as otherwise you’ll only get half the benefit.


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